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What we offer;

    We provide 24 hour, 7 day a week, automatic and on demand snow plowing services for our commercial customers. We do not overbook like a lot of other services do which leaves you waiting when a big storm hits. When you contract with us we will clear your lot when you need it to suit your business needs. Example, if it snows overnight and your business opens at 9 AM you need your lot cleared before then, not after you are open and it will not be cleared 8 hours before while it is still snowing and your lot is covered again and you have to pay twice!. We will let you schedule a time or "time slot", if available, when contracting our services and once booked it is yours for the current snow season. It will not be double booked.  If you need services during any other time we provide on call service and we will tell you when we will be there to meet your current needs. We charge by the hour not the job which saves you money compared to our competitors. Example, if you current service provider charges you $300 to $400 or even much more every time it snows, they will race through your lot because they get paid the same whether it takes them 15 minutes or 40 minutes. (this is why some guys jump to plow a 1/2 inch of snow before it melts so they can bill you full price) No snow plowing job that lasts 20 or 30 minutes is worth 250 to 300 dollars or more!   Need a partial or complete clearing up during the day? No Problem! You pay for what you need when you need it, not a flat fee for the whole lot! We can also clear your sidewalks at your business on request and we will NEVER pile snow in front of your business access ways. We will move it to an area away from your access points. This can take time and time is something that someone who over books and/or plows on a flat rate does not want to waste. We will NEVER leave your site unfinished to return later in the day because of work load and if we are ever late* the cost of your service will be discounted up to 25%!  We use commercial grade trucks, insurance, registration, plow equipment and have expertise to deal with any snow conditions in any temperature. You will not see any fancy car like extended cab trucks that someone has hung a plow on or clumsy dual rear wheel or long wheelbase pickups that perform poorly in tight areas. (They both have  limited a turning radius for proper clearing in tight areas plus these expensive "trucks" cost more to purchase, insure and operate and that cost is passed on to you)  We have more than 30 years of experience and base our equipment selections on cost effectiveness and proven winter snow clearing performance, not looks or ego.  Our vehicles are also equipped to deal with even the most severe icing conditions and we will be there even is the worst of icing if needed. We will still be here after others have come and went.


A few words about salt;

     While most service providers will really push salt we will continue to advise against it for general broadcast unless of ice storms.  Why?  For one reason, salt is just no substitute for a poor plowing job! Some providers like it because they can use 25 to 35 dollars of material spend 5 or 10 minutes and bill you up to 250 bucks or more!  Make no mistake about it, there is a lot of profit to be made in salt spreading at the expense of the customer by those that exploit it. Another reason that we tend to advise against it at times is that salt can sometimes make matters worse when it re-freezes into glare ice or snow falls on it and it creates a greasy layer between blacktop pavement and snow that can be very slippery to walk on! Plus, we will not even begin to debate the potential environmental aspects of wide scale salt use or its' potential damage to your pavement.  And then there is the "salt" itself. Regular rock salt, (NaCl / sodium chloride) which has limited effectiveness as temperature drops, at around 8 degrees F, it stops working. Also, it is hard on plants, shrubs and grass (but a good deal for the service provider if they also have a landscaping and lawn care business) and can even be stressful  to the surface itself. Ever wonder where pots holes come from that magically appear on roads during the winter? It is the constant freeze/thaw cycles that are aggravated by the salt where moisture gets into pavement and breaks it up.  We do recommend treating walkways based on need but we vary the type of treatment or salt used based on current and projected weather conditions. There also other "salts" such as potassium chloride (which will not hurt vegetation), magnesium chloride, calcium chloride and various mixtures of a few or all of them and some even use urea, which is a form of fertilizer that is cheap and less effective than regular salt temperature wise and very corrosive.  Some of these special "salts" listed above cost a lot more (even though you generally use less of it) so most service providers do not use them because it effects profitability ratio. Proper salt treatments are a bit of a science and we will use the right mix or type for the right conditions based on years of experience to keep your walkways ice free even well below zero if need be. 


Reasons to use us;

 1.) 30+ years experience and proven performance with no over booking.

 2.) Pay for what you need, when you need it with no full charge for partial clearing.

 3.) No cost surprises during season, even if fuel prices sky rocket.

 4.) No more snow piles in parking near entrances or on walkways. 

 5.) Cleared and treated walkways and entrance ways on request.

 6.) Detailed billing invoice that itemizes and tracks total seasonal costs.

 7.) We bill regular clients by snowfall, week, or to suit needs.

 8.) 24 hour E-mail or phone based requests for snow removal services.

 9.) Volume discounts for "snowy" winters and for continuing seasonal clients.

10.) We will never leave a site unfinished (except for mechanical failure which has happened one time)

11.) If we "screw" up or are late, we will discount service fees up to 25%*

Reasons not to use us;

 1.) You do not care if you pay too much or receive poor quality work.

 2.) You like paying full price for a partial job or a half inch of snow.

 3.) You want your costs to greatly increase as the inches pile up.

 4.) You want someone to hurry through your lot and not do it properly. 

 5.) You like people crawling over snow piles to access your businesses walkways.

 6.) You want your lot heavily salted instead of properly cleared.

 7.) You like waiting a long time during a major storm with no discounts for delays. 

 8.) You do not want a accurate and detailed invoice with volume discounts.

 9.) You do not care whether your provider is commercially registered and insured. 

10.) You have a buddy that just started doing it and they need a place to practice.


* Your satisfaction is a priority with us.  If, except for some reason other than an a unforeseen event beyond our control (such as traffic accidents, road closures, blizzard conditions, etc), we do not complete the clearing of your lot within 2 hours of the specified contract time we will discount your bill for that servicing up to 25%.  Also, if the job is not to your satisfaction, we will correct it for no additional charge and/or make an adjustment to your bill. If your not happy, were not happy.


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